acib GmbH Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology


  • Research and education institutions
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Staff: 278
  • Focus: Applied research, Basic research, Development
  • Research area: Agricultural biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biological sciences, Environmental biotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Medical and health sciences, Veterinary medicine
  • Cluster Membership: Styria, LISAvienna
  • Profile: As a one-stop-shop for the biotech industry, acib transfers the methods of nature into production of the pharmaceutical, food/feed or chemical industries. Results are environmentally friendly and more economical processes or products that are – with optimized costs, improved environmental performance and scientific progress – an asset to business, research and people. Acib relies on 30+ years of experience, connects 120+ partners and acts as a think tank for progress in industrial biotechnology.
  • R&D: More than 200 acib scientists improve the entire production chain in biotechnology through: (i) simulation of bioprocesses, (ii) search for new enzymes, (iii) optimizing production cells and processes, (iv) purification of biotech products, (v) design of new biocatalysts, (vi) development of new synthetic routes and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Research at acib is marked by the latest, knowledge driven approaches to create value for the industrial partners within clearly defined IP rules.
  • Services: polymer & environmental biotechnology * bacterial, yeast, fungal & animal production systems * CHO technologies & human cell lines * genomics, metabolomics, proteomics * protein expression systems * metabolite production * enzyme production, purification & immobilization * fermentation & bioprocess engineering * metabolic modeling & bioinformatics * synthetic biology * bioprospecting * reaction engineering & process optimization * biocatalysis in organic synthesis * pharmaceutical technologies.