ACMIT Gmbh Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology


  • Research and education institutions
  • Founded in: 2005
  • Type: Non-university research institute
  • Focus: Applied research, Development
  • Research area: Medical engineering
  • Cluster Membership: ecoplus
  • Profile: ACMIT is an R&D center building a bridge between science and industry at the highest international level. We are collaborating with renowned researchers, scientific and industrial partners worldwide. Our R&D services aim at the design of prototypes that are clinically tested and ready for commercialization. We develop instruments, sensors, microoptics, medical robots and training systems for minimally invasive interventions contributing to reduced trauma, improved efficiency and increased safety
  • R&D: Our research is focused on (1) instruments and robotics: Multi-functional surgical tools, novel actuation concepts, advanced robot interaction principles; (2) sensors and microoptics: Multiple, non-invasive, single to multi-parametric sensing systems, multi-focal micro lenses, fiber optics; (3) workflow optimization and skill transfer: Integration of new technologies into surgical workflows, training systems with integrated skill assessment.
  • Services: ACMIT offers R&D services along the complete chain of actions regarding both the medical/surgical procedure performed by the clinical team, as well as the Development process as such. ACMIT is your ISO certified partner during the complete innovation process and offers expertise, guidance and assistance in every single step: Technology evaluation, state-of-the-art analysis, feasibility studies, R&D services accord. ISO13485, clinical evaluation, low-volume production of medical products.