Activartis Biotech GmbH


  • RDM* biotech/pharma
  • Founded in: 2003
  • Staff: 15
  • Techniques: Bioinformatics, Cell and tissue culture, DNA/RNA, Nanobiotechnology, Proteins and other molecules
  • Indications: Neoplasms
  • Topic: Human health
  • Cluster Membership: LISAvienna
  • Profile: Activartis was founded as a spin-off of the St. Anna CCRI, in 2003. From 2006-2013 it was a subsidiary of AOP Orphan AG, Vienna, Austria, and is currently owned by a group of investors. Thomas Felzmann, now Activartis’ CEO, and his team developed Activartis’ proprietary AV0113 dendritic cell (DC) cancer immunOtherapy (CIT) technology. The immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICP) programme started resulted in patents for an RNAi- and a small molecule techechnology platform.
  • R&D: Activartis conducts two clinical stage DC-CIT development programmes for brain and bone cancer. Both are in mid-stage clinical trials and continue to deliver promising interim results. A confirmatory phase III study is scheduled to start in 2016. Later in 2015, clinical development of ICP inhibitors will be initiated with a phase I pilot study.
  • Production: Activartis currently produces only for clinical trials.
  • Services: None
  • Sales/Distribution: No product on the market yet.