ADSI – Austrian Drug Screening Institute GmbH


  • Research and education institutions
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Staff: 21
  • Focus: Applied research, Development
  • Research area: Bioinformatics, Biological sciences, Medical and health sciences
  • Cluster Membership: Life Sciences Tirol
  • Profile: The Austrian Drug Screening Institute (ADSI) is a research enterprise of the University of Innsbruck offering its R&D services for phytopharma, dietary supplements, phytocosmetics, nutrition and related industries. The main focus lies on phytosciences as a core scientific field, thereby analytical, biological and bioinformatics expertises are combined.
  • R&D: The main goal is the development and validation of analytical methods as well as of in vitro assays, where cells systems behave similarly to tissue in vivo. Metabolomics and proteomics approaches allow the detection of molecules of interest, their changes during incubation with compounds or products and give a hint on the “mode of action” of a particular substance.
  • Services: ADSI offers various R&D services: 1.) Special extraction procedures and chemical analytics of plant derived extracts; 2.) development of primary cell test systems consisting of different cell types; 3.) Efficacy screening; 4.)Toxicity and bioavailability testing; 4.) High-content screening by automated microscopy; 5.)Flow cytometry and cytokine production read-outs; 6.) Metabolomics and proteomics read-outs; 7.) cosmetic claim confirmation; 8.) quality control reports