ADSI – Austrian Drug Screening Institute GmbH


  • Research and education institutions
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Type: Non-university research institute
  • Focus: Applied research
  • Research area: Bioinformatics, Biological sciences, Medical and health sciences
  • Cluster Membership: Life Sciences Tirol
  • Profile: The Austrian Drug Screening Institute (ADSI) is a research enterprise owned by the University of Innsbruck that offers screening services for pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions. The focus of the ADSI is on the use of sophisticated and predictive cell-based test systems for hit-to-lead Development, toxicology and “mode of action” studies in vitro.
  • R&D: The main goal is Development and validation of in vitro assays where cultivated cells behave similarly to the patient’s tissue in vivo. The in vivo-like in vitro models are used for the high-content screening of focused libraries of natural or synthetic compounds. Metabolomics and proteomics approaches allow the detection of molecules of interest, their changes during incubation with active substances and give a hint on the “mode of action” of particular substance in biological pathways.
  • Services: 1.) Special extraction procedures and chemical analytics allow optimization of the production of pharmacologically active substance mixtures, in particular plant extracts; 2.) Development of custom primary cell test systems consisting of different cell types; 3.) Efficacy screening; 4.)Toxicity and bioavailability testing; 4.) High-content screening by automated microscopy; 5.)Flow cytometry and cytokine production read-outs 6.) 6. Metabolomics and proteomics read-outs.