AGRANA Research & Innovation Center GmbH


  • RDM* biotech/pharma
  • Founded in: 1986
  • Staff: 74
  • Techniques: Bioinformatics, Cell and tissue culture
  • Topic: Agricultural biotechnology
  • Cluster Membership: ecoplus
  • Profile: The AGRANA Research & Innovation Center (ARIC) is the AGRANA Group’s central research and development company. The aim of ARIC is to tap new fields of application for innovative products made from the raw materials potatoes, maize, waxy maize, wheat and sugar beet. ARIC is a national and international provider of research & development and other related services in the areas of sugar technology, food technology, starch technology, microbiology, biotechnology and fruit.
  • R&D: Fermentation Technology, Bioethanol first and second Generation, Microbiology, Natural antibacterials.
  • Services: Fermentation capacities (10-300l), Microbiological strain collection, Sanitation concepts, Mycotoxins Analysis, Yeast Strain fermentation performance.
  • Sales/Distribution: Natural antibacterials