Angewandte Biotechnologie GmbH


  • RDM* biotech/pharma
  • Founded in: 2003
  • Staff: 3
  • Techniques: Cell and tissue culture, DNA/RNA, Proteins and other molecules, Gene and RNA vectors, Process biotechnology techniques
  • Topic: Non-specific applications
  • R&D: Development of neural and tendon cell culture for future treatment of patients with primary cells. Research on functions of sialic acids in normal and cancer cells. Research of sialic acids as receptors for human and animal pathogens.
  • Production: Sialic acid derivatives for research, sialic acid modifying enzymes for sialic acid analysis.
  • Services: We offer small scale cell cultures derived from pig, rat and mouse for scientific purposes according to SOP. We are specialized in "Tissue Barrier Models" for drug transport studies, and in the preparation of neural, tendon, and vascular cerebral endothelial cells.
  • Sales/Distribution: Sialic acid derivatives, sialic acid modifying enzymes.