Ascendor GmbH


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  • Founded in: 2006
  • Staff: 30
  • Topic: Mechatronics/mechanical engineering
  • Profile: Ascendor GmbH was founded in 2006 and manufactures attractive pflatform stairlifts and homelifts of high quality for a huge amount of applications. The Ascendor lifts are 100 % produced at the company location in Niederwaldkirchen, Upper Austria. There you can also find the head office and the administration department.
  • R&D: A team of competent engineers and mechatronic technicians developed the Ascendor lifts. In 2008, the PLK8, the platform stairlift for curved staircases and changes of the gradient was established. Since 2009, Ascendor also offers the plattform elevator as well as new developed homelift QuattroPorte since 2015.
  • Production: Every unit is produced with modern technology and has to pass our comprehensive quality tests.
  • Services: We attach a lot of importance to product quality and business processes. That's also reflected in the choice of our service and commercial partners who are chosen carefully and who have to undergo different training courses periodically. Furthermore, there are our competent technicians at your disposal in our company head office who can answer all your pre- and post-purchase questions.
  • Sales/Distribution: Ascendor owns a dense distribution network with commercial partners in many European countries. So we can provide a high level of service and availability. Choose the business partner who is closest to you!