• Research and education institutions
  • Founded in: 2003
  • Staff: 0
  • Focus: Applied research
  • Research area: Industrial biotechnology
  • R&D: BIOENERGY 2020+, which incorporates all important Austrian scientific players, is acting as a scientific backbone of the mainly SME-dominated Austrian bioenergy industry and thus is an important factor in securing their competitiveness and leading market position. BIOENERGY 2020+ is structured into three areas biomass combustion biomass gasification, fermentation and biofuels modelling and simulation which are supported by an internal working group for data, analysis and measurement techniques. The overall vision of BIOENERGY 2020+ is to concentrate the experiences, expertises, human resources and infrastructure of the main Austrian players in one competence centre in order to become a world leader in the bioenergy sector support the performance of the Austrian bioenergy industry increase the international visibility of Austrian bioenergy related R&D and industry establish critical masses for successful R&D provide a one-stop shop for R&D transfer services. BIOENERGY 2020+ has been located in Graz (head-quarters), Wieselburg and G├╝ssing (with 2 additional branches in Pinkafeld and Tulln), which is a consequence of optimal utilisation of existing infrastructure and collaboration schemes with industry.