CAS Clean-Air-Service AG


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  • Founded in: 1989
  • Staff: 8
  • Cluster Membership: LISAvienna, Life Sciences Tirol
  • Profile: Many years of experience and well trained technicians make PMS/CAS to your partner for GMP SERVICES & VALIDATION / CALIBRATION / ADVISORY / EDUCATION & TRAINING / PROJECT SERVICES / DATA MANAGEMENT The Swiss Accreditations Service (SAS) grants to PMS the accreditation as a testing laboratory for testing cleanroom systems and thermal processes in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. The scope of the STS0566 accreditations is defined in the Official Directory of the Accredited Testing Laboratories.
  • Services: Cleanroom Qualification ISO 14644, EU GMP Annex 1, VDI 2083 - Performance data, Installed filter system leakage test, Cleanroom classification, Recovery test, Smoke studies - Compressed air parameters ISO 8573, Microbiological sampling ISO 14698 Thermal Validation - Steam sterilization, Process simulation, Dry heat sterilization, Temperature and climatic mappings Calibration ISO/IEC 17025 - Calibration and adjustment - Technical support - NIST traceable
  • Sales/Distribution: Contamination Monitoring Solutions & Environmental Monitoring Systems REMOTE - Airnet II Particle Sensor / ISOAir 310P Aerosol Particle Sensor - BioCapt Single-Use Impactor / BioCapt Microbial Impactor / MiniCapt Remote Air Sampler / BioLaz Real-Time Monitor PORTABLE - Lasair III Aerosol Particle Counter / HandiLaz Mini Particle Counter / MiniCapt Mobile Air Sampler PROCESS TESTING - Microbial Surface Detection Kit - Liquid Particle Counting APSS-2000