comprei Reinraum-Handel- und Schulungs GesmbH


  • Service providers
  • Founded in: 1999
  • Staff: 70
  • Cluster Membership: Styria, Life Sciences Tirol
  • Profile: Safety and behavioural awareness is at the heart of comprei’s approach to cleanrooms. We prepare process-oriented, industry compliant information based on your company needs. With our targeted training programs we present relevant knowledge, skills and awareness to your employees. The programs are presented in a way that makes it easy for employees to implement content with consistent results. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced instructors is qualified to train all levels of personnel.
  • Services: TRAINING ACCORDING TO ISO 29990:2010 - Process-oriented in-house education - Operator training using innovative concepts - Workshops for all aspects of clean production environment - Consulting and coaching for personnel and workflow CLEANROOM CLEANING & DISINFECTION - Cleanroom maintenance-cleaning - Machine cleaning - Preparation for cleanroom qualification - Emergency cleaning HAND-PICKED CLEANROOM ACCESSORIES - Cleaning materials & disinfectants - Cleaning equipment