Exputec GmbH


  • Service providers
  • Founded in: 2012
  • Staff: 13
  • Offer: Contract research/clinical research, IT, Engineering-, design- and production consulting
  • Cluster Membership: LISAvienna
  • Profile: Exputec is a software- and consulting company committed to enable efficient process development, safe scale-up and robust manufacturing of biotech products. Exputec uniquely combines biotech-, engineering- and data science know how to progress biotechnological products safely from laboratory to commercial production. Our software products and consulting service provide great value to companies of all sizes such as contract manufacturers, biotech companies, startups and biotech investors.
  • R&D: The Exputec innovation center is a global team of dedicated researches actively improving on algorithms, data science methods and best IT solutions in cooperation with companies, research centers and universities around the world. Exputec develops innovative solutions in the field of predictive analytics, model-based process monitoring and control and scale-up. Exputec expands its technology leadership year by year in the fields of manufacturing data science.
  • Services: Faster and Safer from Lab to Production Customers rely on Exputec in order to transfer biotechnological processes from laboratory to production facilities safely. Exputec plays a critical role in helping organizations identify the ideal approach for process scale-up. Manufacturing Data Science Exputec uses its innovative know how to improve manufacturing based on the analysis and modelling of big process data. Our customers acquire and act on Big Data insights faster than its competitors.
  • Sales/Distribution: Exputec inCyght - Data Science Software Companies discover emerging technologies and are using Exputec software and consulting services to leverage its big data effectively. During process development and manufacturing, large amount of process data are continuously collected. Using innovative data science features, the software enables customers of the process industry to tap this potential and efficiently analyze, model and report large sets of fermentation process and downstream process data.