HS&I Health Systems Intelligence e.U.


  • Service providers
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Staff: 3
  • Offer: Contract research/clinical research, Other
  • Cluster Membership: LISAvienna
  • Profile: HealthSystemIntelligence provides unique and smart insights which are analytic,creative,evidence-based, innovative,strategic serves people interested in smartly assembled insights such as Advisers and Policy Analysts, Academics and Researchers, Journalists and other media people
  • R&D: Promote a new vision of the importance of health systems in the current global shifts of economic models. use and create capacity to focus the growing importance of health systems in economic analysis enhance and broaden the understanding that health systems generate important value added in each economy inform fiscal policy making in Europe about merits and detriments when investing in health systems
  • Services: Research and Consultancy in applied economics of health and social care.