PIA Automation Austria GmbH


  • Suppliers
  • Founded in: 1989
  • Staff: 370
  • Topic: Mechatronics/mechanical engineering, Other
  • Cluster Membership: Human.technology Styria
  • Profile:

    M&R Automation is an experienced, innovative general contractor for custom-made production lines and testing systems. We develop and manufacture customized solutions for the medical device, automotive, electronics, software programming, testing technology, production data systems, image processing and robotics.

  • R&D:

    Besides the development and build of production lines, M&R Automation carries out research an development for several different production and measurement technologies. M&R Automation also holds several patents in regards to measuring production technologies. M&R Automation also remains to be committed to be a pioneer and creator of the production of the future.

  • Production:

    M&R Automation is your sole partner for the entire production process fulfilling different cleanroom requirements. From layout concept, mechanical and electrical construction up to the programming, setup, installation and production start-up, we provide a complete solution. As a supplier of manual stations or complex, fully automated systems, M&R Automation develops and builds production and testing systems for chemical supplies and laboratory equipment in various physical states.

  • Services:

    The principle of operation in all departments from design to assembly and programming is consistent with GMP and ISO 14971:2007. M&R Automation also offers production data management systems to reliably oversee all processes and to securely document and trace every single part. This approach provides detailed part information at any given time. Our service and support team offers 24/7 support possibilities.

  • Sales/Distribution:

    Our subsidiaries in North America, Europe and Asia enable a local representative to be available on site within a short period of time.