3D Spine Matrix Biotechnologie GmbH


  • RDM* biotech/pharma
  • Founded in: 2016
  • Staff: 2
  • Techniques: Cell and tissue culture, Proteins and other molecules, Other
  • Indications:
    Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
  • Topic: Human health
  • Profile: 3D Spine Matrix Biotechnology was founded in March 2016 in order to develop a promising biotechnological Nucleus Restore Implant.The cell-free therapy approach by using proven matrix technology represents the key therapy among future forms of therapy for degenerative intervertebral discs.The Company uses the Know-How of almost 2 decades of development in cartilage tissue regeneration.
  • R&D: The central and forward-thinking challenge for 3D Spine Matrix Biotechnology is EU-wide approval (CE-Mark) for the cell-free product Nucleus Restore System („RESTORE “) as a medical device Class 3 and further approvals as FDA, ANVISA, CFDA etc.
  • Production: The in-house research and development work based on the unique 3D Matrix with potential for further applications as combination with Stem Cells and 3D Bio Printing will lead to a cell-free nucleus replacement therapy of the newest generation.Because this form of therapy considers more than the individual patient’s medical condition – it suits the patient’s nucleus defect usually only treatet by nucleotomy. No synthetic carrier material is required in production.
  • Services: The founder’s vision is to provide more freedom and more independence to people with increasing immobility due to pain. Our path leads to a company that addresses cartilage problems in the body and thus helps people with their musculoskeletal health and gives socio-economic benefits to society.
  • Sales/Distribution: The company conservatively assumes that the general rate of substitution using disc-maintaining therapy will be 10% of the market. This would lead to a market potential of approx. 30.000 applications. With an average implant price of € 1.770, as attained according to company assumptions, this results in a adressable market potential in Europe of at least € 53 million.