4a engineering GmbH


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  • Founded in: 2002
  • Staff: 0
  • Topic: Electronic equipment, Mechatronics/mechanical engineering, Measurement and sensor technology, Micro- and nanotechnology, Laser technology, Metal machining and processing, Glass preparation and processing, Ceramic preparation and processing, Plastic machining and processing
  • Cluster Membership: Human.technology Styria
  • R&D: 4a engineering GmbH is a technically oriented R&D-company with a focus on engineering of plastic products. The core competence of 4a engineering GmbH resides in concept finding and optimisation of product ideas, supported by a wide range of simulation software and analysing methods. The customers rely on the continuing delivery of creative, high quality solutions and efficient project management as well as on the joint economic-technical approach. 4a engineering GmbH accompanies and supports the customer during the entire development process, whereas the early and comprehensive understanding of the mechanical and physical backgrounds with regard to the product is essential for a successful product development.
  • Services: We commit ourselves to the individual needs and special competences of our customers and offer solutions for small problems in our areas of expertise e.g. simulation or material analysis, as well as the overall support and project management of product developments. Furthermore 4a offers special proprietary development softwaretools in the area of composite materials. The further development of the tools will be pushed with the objective of improving the significance of the FEM simulation and supporting the handling of the latter.