BECOM Electronics GmbH


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  • Founded in: 1984
  • Staff: 310
  • Topic: Electronic equipment
  • Cluster Membership: MedTech-Cluster
  • Profile: BECOM Electronics GmbH develops and manufactures electronic equipment and systems according to ISO 13485. In the field of medical technology, the focus is on promoting and maintaining good health. From concept design to energy-efficient and flexible series solutions "from one source": - with close customer partnership - under continuous innovation - by excellently trained staff - for uncompromising quality - and global use of the products made by BECOM Electronics
  • R&D: One stop shop – from concept through finished product Systemdesign / functionaldevelopment (Requirements Catalogue, systemarchitecture, testplan, testspecification) Hardwaredevelopment and PCB layout (DX-designer, pads, circuit diagramm, PCB data) Softwaredevelopment (different µC, Coding Guidelines, Unittesting) Mechanical development (construction heatsink, housing, tolerance analysis, feasability study) Testing (EMV consultion, EMV testing, systemtests, environmentaltests)
  • Production: From simple modules through complex electronic devices and systems, of numbers 1 to 10 million per year. We offer, depending on the desired amount, fully automated, semi-automated and manual production. In order to follow our zero defect strategy, process quality checks as AOI, X-Ray, ICT, Flying Probe and EOL offered. On request, electronic modules can also be protected against different environmental influences, whether by coating or by potting.
  • Services: Projectmanagement, Testplaning, Test equipment construction, QM Support, After sales, Lifecycle Management, Component database, Design rules, CO engineering
  • Sales/Distribution: Generische Spannungsversorgungsplattform: Galvanisch getrennt, 1200W 2 stufiges Regelkonzept Volldigitale Stromregelung Temperaturüberwachung Ausgangsspannung/strom - fix oder variabel Kommunikationsschnittstelle