The Siesta Group Schlafanalyse GmbH


  • Service providers
  • Founded in: 2001
  • Staff: 0
  • Offer: Contract research/clinical research
  • Cluster Membership: LISAvienna
  • R&D: In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of sleep and EEG analysis, we perform research and development on increasing the efficiency of sleep and EEG signal and data analysis. We concentrate on: - new developments in the analysis of sleep macro- and microstructure using state-of-the-art signal processing technology - new technologies for data quality control - new technologies for effective management of sleep and EEG data
  • Services: The Siesta Group is service provider for clinical trials and research and worldwide competence center for analyzing sleep and brain activity. Services range from consulting, site identification and training, high-quality scoring and data analysis, all the way to device rental - all according to ICH GCP standards. Clients benefit from the unique cooperation of leading sleep and EEG scientists and professionals The Siesta Group is based on.
  • Sales/Distribution: - Consulting and protocol development - Trial feasibility and set-up - Site identification, preparation, training, management - Centralized data analysis, such as sleep scoring, EEG spectral analysis, and other endpoint calculation - polysomnography (PSG) and EEG data quality monitoring and harmonization - Biomarker research and exploratory data analysis - Device rentals